Woofstock 2012

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The humans have been going to Woofstock ever since it began. It’s exactly what it sounds like; a festival for dogs, supposedly the largest one in North America.

At first they went because they loved dogs. The lady human, in particular, has an affinity for all things furry, so Woofstock was always the highlight of her year. After a few years, she started using Woofstock as research (not just ogling). She spoke, at length, to dog owners about the breed they had chosen and got the “down low” on what made a breed awesome (or annoying). She also spent a ton of time talking to rescue organizations at Woofstock, convinced that the first dog she brought home would be a rescue. Eventually, she and the man human settled on bulldogs and da rest, as dey say, is HISTORY! (Actually, I’m pretty sure Man settled on bulldogs because the lady human is horribly indecisive. The downfall of all that research is too much information! Even now she tells me that my little brother (or sister) will be a German Shepherd. Or Italian Mastiff. Or Bull Terrier. Or…)

Anyway, since the lady likes to take pictures, what better place to combine her love of dogs and photography? She says it’s getting harder to take pictures these days since now she spends time telling everyone about the bulldog breed (and explaining why a bulldog may not be right for everyone).

Jabber, jabber, mummerz!

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