Bully Meetup – Kew Gardens

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Hewwo everybullies!

I thought I would let you know that I have joined a pawesome bulldog meetup group in the Toronto Area!  Every month or so we pick a park in the GTA and converge for some bully wrestling, snortling or sitting (BOL!) It’s a good way to get some bully-friendly exercise and a good way for our silly hoomanz to socialize, too. If you are a Toronto (or surrounding area) bulldog and want the chance to meet new friends, come check out our meet-up group

Our latest meet-up took place over the weekend at Kew Gardens, a great park on the east side of the city in an area known as “Da Beaches”. I guess that’s what those sandy bits are. Doggies aren’t allowed there but there was a great off-leash area on the lake at Kew Gardens (part of The Beaches area) where we had the chance to play and cool off. Here’s the first installment of bully pics from our latest paw-ty. 

Video from our meetup is here!

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