Treasure Hunting

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One of the things my humans and I do together on a regular basis is go geocaching. If you’ve never been, it’s basically a global treasure-hunt that utilizes GPS (your cellphone or other handheld device) to find pre-specified cache coordinates. Caches can be very small, like the size of film canisters, or very large, like Tupperware containers. Larger, traditional, caches like the one we found on the weekend, contain toys, stickers, random things of interest, and often contain logbooks so you can tell the treasure hider that you were there! :)

The humans (my mom, in particular) are very careful about not letting me go trampling through conservation areas and, in general, we don’t look for caches that would disturb wildlife. We’re also careful not to make a nuisance of ourselves. Caches aren’t supposed to be hidden on private property so basic common sense (and common courtesy) apply.

I wish that caches contained dog treats but we aren’t allowed to feed da squirrels.  Still, I enjoy the hunt!  I’m in charge of keeping my eye out for for muggles (non-caching humans that would get in the way of fun!)

More info on geocaching… come play the game!


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