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Some very exciting things are happening around here and I thought I should drop a quick note to let you all know!

1) The lady minion will be volunteering with one of our favourite smushy-faced rescue groups in the Greater Toronto region, Homeward Bound Rescue, as a social media coordinator! She’ll be heading up a new Twitter and Instagram account designed to spread the good word about new foster dogs available in Ontario. Stay tuned for details as this fun partnership rolls out!

2) Our bulldog meetup group is now over one-hundred members strong and we’re meeting at least once a month! Since we’ve got all these great members, we’ve decided to do a bully walk in the fall to raise money for bulldogs in need. We are currently in the process of sorting out details but rest assured that this will be an amazing opportunity for the bully family to give back!

3) We’ve decided to add a new component to the site: food! Pooch friendly recipes (and some human friendly ones, too!)

Woof woof!


  • Jules August 22, 2013

    Where is your Bulldog meetup group? That’s a big group of Smooshies!! Looking forward to seeing some of your recipes. I always love hearing about new stuff to cook for my Ru.<3

    Jules of Canines & Couture

    • Chance August 23, 2013

      Hey Jules!

      Our meetup group is based out of Toronto. But…we have driven to the US to meet up with one bully (and plan to do it again!) :)


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