Catching some waves . . . !

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I should really take up surfing.

The weather in Toronto has been really weird for the past month or so. We’ve had forty degree temperatures (104°F for those of you in the US) followed by temperatures close to freezing. It’s been bright and sunny one day, then it feels as though winter is upon us the next. I, personally, love the colder temperatures but slightly warmer weather always means a day at the lake. This weekend the wind whipped things up something fierce so I got to enjoy the best waves I’ve ever seen. (My humans are making fun of me because I loved crashing into the waves but I’m afraid of water dripping in our bathroom. Clearly they don’t know the dangers that drips of water pose…! *grump grump*)

Chance gets knocked over by a wave!

The lady, being from the Caribbean, has a special fondness for big waves and anything beach. She’s surprisingly tolerant of the less-than-warm Lake Ontario, especially considering the fact that she often complains about how cold the Caribbean Sea! is whenever she visits home. Silly, silly lady.

Chance gets smug.

I’m hoping that one day I can convince the humans to let me drive down to Cali to catch the surf, visit the bullies of Long Beach, and to meet up with my pal Lily the Great Dane. I think we’d make the best beach bum team, ever.

Chance out!


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