Snow Day

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One cold Sunday morning, three dogs went out to play…

Trails are, perhaps, my favourite thing in the world. If they come in second, they probably come in second to bacon and that’s saying something. There’s nothing better than setting off on an adventure, and this little park just outside of Toronto guarantees a good time.

Since we are due for another polar vortex this week, we figured a day out in the snow better happen sooner rather than later. West Deane Park, just west of Toronto, is a fully stocked park (with a playground, baseball diamond, and bathroom access), but we typically go for the long, paved pathways, ample space to run, and the friendly dogs we meet along the way. (There was a friendly coyote that wanted to make my acquaintance here once…but alas, it was not meant to be!) :P

 Le minion spent most of her time snapping pics of my good friends Mackie and Luna, and the beautiful boxer mix we met on the way. (We think her name is Marlowe?) Minion says she doesn’t need any more pics of my ugly mug. *grump grump*

Stay warm, Toronto!

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