One Cool Pooch

I’m Chance, a pure-bred English Bulldog from Owen Sound, Ontario, Canada. I was born at Adore-a-Bull Bulldogs to Notty (Trents Adoreabull Juggernaut) and Vicki (Ch. Trents Adoreabull Victory) on December 18 2010, along with 4 siblings. My grandpa(w) was Canadian Champion Trents Adoreabull Crusader (Cru for short). He has won multiple Bests in Show and my breeder, Kathy, thinks I’m just as handsome as he is!  I initially had plans to debut in the show ring but I’m actually more interested in hanging at the lake, chasing suspicious rocks, and generally being awesome.

My stoopid hoomans named me “Chance” after their favourite Jean Claude Van Damme character, Chance Boudreaux in Hard Target. In this house we are fans of 80s action movies and 80s hair metal.  I am totally the Gene Simmons of dogs ‘cept I don’t hump *everything* in a skirt.

Since Lady has been waiting forever to have a puppy of her own, she wants to show me off to anybody who will listen. It’s a good thing I love the attention! Man, Lady and I currently live in Toronto. Lady is a doctoral student in environmental geography and political ecology and Man works for “da man”. But those are just their part-time jobs. After all, I need a photographer, videographer, agent, ball handler, food dispenser, butt wiper… Yeah, that’s right. I need an entourage.

Join me!

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