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My people said that it’s important for me to get used to everything. Since I might be a show dog that means looking handsome for the judges!  Today my people gave me my firstbath. I am not sure whether I liked it but I smell great now and my lady gave me extra cuddles.  (Of course, she was laughing pretty hard through the whole thing and only managed a cell phone pic.)

Since that photo was taken I’ve moved into “my own shower”.. BOL!  The tub required a LOT of lifting. (Lady said I’m incredibly heavy…and she “doesn’t want to throw out her back”…) Now I use the shower stall and the lovely massaging shower head. I walk into the bath like a boss!

My absolute favourite shampoo is made by Earthbath.  I love Mango Tango and Orange Oil!  They smell a bit girly but my coat is all man… and da bitches love me! :P

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