Da First Car Ride

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Last night I took my first long trip in a car to my new forever home! It was a 2.5 hour long trip, though my lady thinks the drive up went much faster than the drive back.

Along the way home I was a very good boy. I didn’t sleep much but I took in all the sights from my lady’s lap. I tried chewing on her hair, too, but Lady doesn’t like that too much. There was one little accident on the way back. Lady stopped to get me a few more things from the store while The Man held me in his lap. I didn’t mean to, but he was a pretty comfy bathroom spot! Lady thought it was funny. Man was less amused. I’m trying so hard to be a good boy but I’m just a little guy so I’m still learning. Luckily my new people are nice about it.

Here’s the map of my trip home!

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