Ninja Bugg!

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Ninja ez a two and a half years old Boston Terrier/Pug/Ninja mix. My mom finks he’s really part cat!  I’m not really sure why she needs other models… *grump grump* Can’t believe she’s cheatin’ on me wif one of my fur-fwiends.

When I asked my friend Nickii for permission to shoot her dog, her first reaction was “Whaaaat?!”  Little did I know that she’d been embroiled in a heated debate over gun control and had forgotten my love for pet photography.  Thankfully, once she’d calmed down, she happily volunteered Ninja, a beautiful buggy boy, a quarter of Chance’s size, with ten times his energy. Ninja was a different sort of challenge since, by comparison, Chance is pretty accommodating where cameras are concerned and is usually happy to stay in one place.  Ninja was zippy, inquisitive, and wanted to make friends with all of the dogs in the park. He also spent a great deal of time running away from everyone with his pig’s ear in tow. Definitely more movement than Chance is usually interested in!

We spent a lovely holiday Monday (Victoria Day long weekend in Canada) at Sunnybrook Park in Toronto. The weather was perfect for kicking off your shoes and rolling in the grass – dogs optional. I think Chance might have been a bit jealous of all the smells when I got home but it was definitely NOT bulldog weather outdoors. (Next time, buddy. Next time!)

This is the first of what will, hopefully, be a number of sessions with Ninja as I practice with my camera. If you want to follow his adventures, please feel free to check out his Facebook page, here.

Happy tails to you!

LadyMinion aka malaviKat

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