Personal52 (Week #1)

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If you haven’t come across the phrase “Project 52”, it’s likely that you aren’t a photographer, don’t follow photographers, or know of this phrase in an entirely different context. Official Project 52 details can be found here, but a number of off-shoots (no pun intended) have since spawned, many in individually specific fields such as wedding, lifestyle, boudoir and pet photography. A number of the photographers I follow participate in these projects as a team, many as part of a blog hop. Not only is it a great way to expand one’s creativity by forcing the individual outside of their comfort zone but it provides a breath of fresh air for many long-time followers as well.

Since I’ve come to photography (relatively) recently, I haven’t yet found my niche amongst the hard-working pros and many of my amateur friends are into wedding photography, a theme with which I am least comfortable. Still, despite my lack of a photography circle, I see immense value in forcing myself to think outside of the box and I figure that I can hold my creativity to account for, at minimum, one “new” photo per week.

Let’s make a deal… If there’s no new photo for the week, there’s going to be dissertation progress.

Or something like that.

So, with that said… here’s the inaugural post:

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